International Music Showcase Festival

8 days with the best bands and ensembles in Israel!

Jazz | World music | Rock | Indie

November 2013

Showcase events are a stage that enables the decision makers in the global music industry to discover the best Israeli bands in rock, indie, electronica, jazz and world music.

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The International music showcase festival is a Yellow Submarine project in cooperation with the Cultural and Scientific Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Jerusalem Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and Sport & Jerusalem Municipality.

Over the past four years we have produced the Showcase for Jazz and world music, which had amazing results and provided many of the performing bands and ensembles with gigs abroad.

Following the success at home and away we decided last year to take the project to the next level and to hold an international show case festival for rock and indie. The success was mind blowing, dozens of bands and musicians formed international connections and went on to perform on stages all over the world.

Who will be there?

The festival guests will be international festival managers, managers of cultural institutes worldwide, agents, buyers, promoters, producers and labels, representatives of Israel from all over the world and journalists. About 35 guests will arrive for each of the weekends from a wide world spread: India, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Australia and from all over Europe.

When and Where will the showcase events take place?

Showcase Jazz and World Music


Showcase Rock and Indie


The showcase festival will take place in the “Yellow Submarine” at Jerusalem and “HaEzor” & “Pasáž” at Tel Aviv – clubs that lead and encourage the creation of music in general and the indie, jazz and world music scenes especially.