Carel Hoffman (South Africa)

Carel hoffmann

Hill Top Alive Company- oppikoppi festival

Hoffman is currently the sole owner of Hilltop Live Holdings (Pty) Ltd. However his role in the entertainment, events and advertising arena is a far cry from the technical background he received at university.

Hoffmann started the OppiKoppi festival in 1993. OppiKoppi has grown into a national symbol and is known in the world over as one of the leading South African festivals. From this single festival a whole array of ancillary businesses have been added over the 19 year history of this entity, and currently includes the following: event property creation / brand building/ management, Festival asset creation and maintenance, Artist booking agency, Talent buying and selling agency, Below the line advertising agency, Sponsorship management department, Equipment rental division, Ticketing division, Cashless events, Lead generation, Bar and food services, Software development, Content creation, Beer Drone.