Reiner Michalke (Germany)


Moers festival & Stadtgarten

Reiner Michalke was appointed as director of the Moers Festival, which he took over in 2006. Up to his appointment as director of the Moers Festival, Reiner Michalke was the Green Party’s “resident expert” on Cologne’s cultural affairs committee, a board member of the Europe Jazz Network, and a founding member of and speaker for the organizations “Off Cologne e.V”, “KulturNetz Köln” and “Bundeskonferenz Jazz”. At present he is a member of the music advisory council to the City of Cologne.

Beside his work curating concert and festival programmes, Reiner Michalke also works as a producer for radio and television with “Westdeutsche Rundfunk”, “Deutschlandfunk” and “Deutsche Welle”. He has also produced events for the “Büro für innovative Kulturprojekte und Kommunikation” in Berlin and is currently executive producer of the TV show “Anke hat Zeit”.