Christopher Brosch

ChristopherBrosch_PortraitI was born in Munich, Germany in 1957, finished High School in 1975 and started studying laws at the Cologne University, which I never finished as the detraction of the music business was just too tempting.

I started to work as a stagehand for local promoters in the Cologne area, and from that build a stage hand and logistics company in the late 70ties, which soon expanded into a Trucking and Catering Service.

I left all that behind and went on working as a free lance tourmanager for German promoters before joining Peter Rieger Konzertagentur, one of the major mainstream Rock-Promoters in Germany by 1986.

I worked there with acts such as Peter Gabriel, Iggy Pop, Beastie Boys, Tears For Fears, Joe Cocker and Marillion before I moved to Hamburg in 1989 joining the booking team of a – meanwhile non-existent – company called Blindfish Promotions, which had a special focus on alternative-indie acts, such as the Pixies, Sugarcubes, Residents. I was co-progamer at the – meanwhile non-existent, but still legendary Bizarre Festivals between 1987 and 1989.

In the following to this episode I set up my own booking agency, called Bizarre Productions in Hamburg in 1992, booking tours for acts such as Oasis, Portishead, Mogwai, Tricky, Hole and acted as an agent for several German acts.

I had an intermezzo with DEAG (Deutsche Entertainment AG), the first European entertainment company to go public, within that engagement I had the opportunity to book Sarah Brightman globally, before continuing to acts independent from 2002 onwards. The following years I did mainly spend touring with German acts, functioning as tour manager for a domestic singer-dou (Marshall & Alexander) and as the global tour accountant for Rammstein since 2004.

I teamed up with Melt!Booking in spring 2013, and my function here is, to oversee administration processes within the booking department as well as building my own roster of representations. I do currently work with acts such as: Mogwai, Buraka Som Sistema, These New Puritans, Connan Mockasin, Wild Beasts and Tricky to name a few – and I’m very much looking forward to work with a band called Tiny Fingers…

I’m co-managing a German piano player, Stephan von Bothmer