Adam Ben Ezra

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Adam Ben Ezra is an Upright Bass virtuoso, a composer and a multi-instrumentalist. In his captivating solo performance he delivers a one man show, morphing his upright bass into a multi useful instrument while presenting surprising singing capabilities and using a loop recorder to transform the sound into an experience of a full live orchestra.

Amongst his memorable live performances is Grammy winner Victor Wooten’s performance in Tel-Aviv, in which Adam was the opening act and in front of a large audience at the 30 years anniversary of John Lennon’s death.

Adam’s musical origins are varied – from classic and jazz to rock and world music. During the years he had developed a unique style to his Double Bass performance and today he performs solo in an act influenced by different genres such as ethnic, Latin, groove jazz and more.

Adam’s works are significantly successful on the internet with more than 4 million views on his YouTube videos.