Eyal Sela

Eyal Sela

Celebrated world-class and international artist, Eyal Sela is one of the leading woodwind multi-instrumentalist in the world today.

Upon graduating from The Music Academy in Jerusalem, Sela evolved from classical music and jazz into ethnic music, specializing in unique woodwind instruments of this genre.

Sela plays in a variety of classic and ethnic woodwinds including Classical Clarinet,| Turkish Clarinet, Silver/Classical Flute, Indian Bamboo Flute, Turkish Zorna, Armanian Duduk, African Flute, Saxophone, Irish Penny Whislte, Middle Eastern Ney Flute.

In recent years, Sela has performed and recorded with some of the best international artists such as Idan Raichel of The Idan Raichel Project, Alicia Keys, the leading international Jewish singer Avraham Fried (USA), Göksel Baktagir (Turkey), Yurdal Tokcan (Turkey), Rita (Israel), Etti Ankri, Yair Dalal (Israel), Shem Tov Levy, Din Din Aviv, Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Turkey), Ross Daily (Greece), and Adel Salameh (France).

Sela has released 3 albums: “Sela”, “Dharma”, “Call of the Mountain”

Eyal Sela is currently performing internationally with his acclaimed performance- A Night on a SmokeyMountain, featuring a total of 5 world-class musicians.

Eyal Sela: Turkish Clarinet, Silver Flute, Bansuri (Indian Bamboo Flute), B Flat Clarinet, Zurna, Tenor Saxophone


Gilad Efrat: Contrabass

Ishai Afterman:  Percussion

Nur Bar Goren:  Percussion

Wassim Ode:  Oud


From the Press:

“This is not just merely a revival of musical cultures; its an authentic connection between the scales, rhythms and musical styles that create this rare beauty.”

– Yossi Harsonsky, Ma’ariv Newspaper


“Eyal Sela’s woodwind-filled performance in accompaniment of his musicians, shows him at his best!  [This performance] presents the audience with an enriching, deep, and moving experience.”

– Jack Mizrachi, Voice of Tel Aviv Magazine


“[His music] is accessible and suitable to all ears and in this lies Sela’s great achievement.  He manages to touch the simple without being drawn into simplification.  To be emotional without becoming sentimental, to transmit sweetness without going into popular, to expose exceptional artists without subjection to technical virtuosity, and through the whole, maintain a clear inner truth.” 

– Avi Ephrati, Yediot Achronot Newspaper


Website: www.woodwindsmaster.com

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