Faran Ensemble

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Faran Ensemble is a three member group, joined together on a spiritual journey of harmonies, sounds and landscapes.

They use esoteric instruments of ancient Eastern cultures as tools for creating their compositions, where both East and West are present.

We see music as a journey, accompanying man across mountains, dunes, forests, beaches, and all the way through to the ruckus of the urban route.

Each note a milestone, each tone a path.

Our music is a gift of the heart, wrapped in sounds and tied with a bow of delicate strings of the soul.

Be the inspiration as it will; desert, ocean or city, they all speak of love.

Love of places, people and life, for all the inspiration that they are.

Music is a journey

Each note a milestone



We thank the music, and are grateful for the privilege of being able to communicate and play the beauty of creation. Thanks to all the precious people who accompany us from the very beginning of Faran, for their continuous love and support. And a very special Thank You to Ziv Hand for devoting himself completely, out of love and faith, and for his ability to give, which no words can describe.

Thank you.


Faran Ensemble:

Roi Smila – Kamancheh

Gad Tidhar – Oud

Refael Ben Zichry – Percussion


Guest Musicians:

Itzhak Ventura – Persian Ney

Yuval Tubi – Saz

Shay Masala Bachar – Mohan Veena

Adi Forti – Santur



Recording engineer – Ofir J. Rock

Mixing – Oshik Nizry

Mastering – Yoram Vazan

Cover design – Keren Shapira

Translation – Ella Charkham

Photography – Tal Sarna

Production & Management – Ziv Hand