Jonathan Greenstein

jonathan greenstion

Originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel, Jonathan brings the sounds and diversity of his hometown to 21st century Jazz with eclectic influences, ranging from Classical music to Neo-Soul. Alongside  his high energy and impressive showmanship, Greenstein’s liking of melody and understatement makes his music easily lovable.

Stay tuned because Jonathan’s music deserves to be heard and his performances deserve to be seen. If you like Jazz that is now, if you like melodies you can sing to, if you like soulful playing – you should check Jonathan Greenstein out. You won’t regret it.

 “ Magnificent playing…ever clever and thoughtful compositions. On Thinking, he delivers a recording that speaks on multiple levels.”  ( Myron Walden)


 “There is a surprising maturity to Greenstein’s playing and writing… His sax playing runs the gamut from meaty lower registers to rougher edged expletives” (The Jerusalem Post)





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