malox yaarot - guy prives

MALOX are Eyal Talmudi and Roy Chen, a crazy energetic Saxophone-Drums duo, based in Israel. The duo formed in 2008, and has already completed two studio albums, has performed at festivals and has toured all over the world. MALOX’s debut album ‘One Day‘ (2008) was improvised and recorded in Vibromonk studio NYC in only one day, while their second album ‘Polka For Punks‘ (2012) was recorded and mixed by Tamir Muskat in TLV.

Their music can be labeled under Jazz, Polka, and even Alternative Rock, and includes raw danceable yet complex compositions, playful improvisations and catchy tunes. The virtuoso musicianship that just these two people can create on-stage, is remarkable.

MALOX will convince even the most conformist listener that all the rest is redundant, and that combination of Saxophone and Drums will make your body move like it’s never moved before.

“The bulk of Talmudi’s original compositions reference the Klezmer legacy. His energetic arrangements spice them up with updated sonic elements, including a bit of thick, and dub-influenced sax choir” (Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz – 1/11/08)

“Malox- Eyal Talmudi’s crazy and impossible duet generates a totally and energetic music that fills the stage from Klezmer to Jazz. Warm and round sounds blend in distorted sounds. From Balkan motives to cat’s wailing. A crazy yet fascinating act” (Amos Oren, Habama – 10/21/12)

“They play their own music in which klezmer and Caribbean rhythms meet film scores. There are no vocals, but they don’t need them. Their music is intended for dancing and they create atmospheres.”  (Celticfolkpunk Blog – 3/27/13)

 Saxophone, Clarinet & Bag pipes – Eyal Talmudi: Active for the last 15 years as a professional musician and a musical director, he leads large-scale events on both the alternative and mainstream Israeli music scene.                                                                                                                   As a performer, Talmudi regularly tours globally with Balkan Beat Box and Barry Sakharof as well as his own projects: Oy Division, MALOX and solo concerts with numerous guest appearance with BOOM PAM and many others.

Drums – Roy Chen: As a promising musically educated young drummer, active as a professional drummer since the age of 15, he entered to the international metal scene as a member in bands such as Eternal Grey, and the Hollywood based band Abused Romance. Chen has developed a style unique style, combining Old-school jazz influenced rock drumming with modern day techniques and his love for native African music.

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