Mark Eliyahu Ensemble

Mark Eliyahu

Mark Eliyahu – with the new program : Sands.

Together with his father Piris Eliyahu and a wonderful group of musicians. Mark Eliyahu (The Kamanche & Saz player and the composer) and his father (the composer & Tar player) Piris Eliyahu – are two of the most remarkable figures in Israel’s world music scene. Through the years they have been teaching music to many musicians, performing in numerous concerts, festivals and collaborations they made in Israel and around the world and recorded their compositions in many albums.

Mark is as well a highly desired guest musician in concerts and recordings of Israel’s top artists like: Rita, Beri Saharof and Idan Raichel’s project.

His charismatic and enchanting performance put a spell on audiences any time he is on stage. In the concert “Sands” Mark joins with his father and three other musicians who are connected with him in the last years, to bring the audience an ultimate experience of his musicianship and his artistic vision. The concert treasures new original compositions of Mark and Piris from an upcoming album, alongside loved and familiar pieces with new arrangements.

The repertoire combines ancient Persian-Caucasian and Middle-Eastern musical roots together with a touch of more European harmonies which preserve the strong emotional appeal of this music as well as making it highly accessible to any audience – transcending borders and culture differences. Between the instumental poeces in this program there are as well few hebrew songs – composed to lyrics of great historical jewish poets. The final result is an original new Israeli creation with rich cultural roots.

The ensemble will be happy to collaborate and to host local musicians and singers in any country
they will visit – Mark and his father had an amazing and rich experience with collaborating musicians abroad so far.