Maureen Nehedar

Maureen Nehedar

Vocalist, composer and researcher Maureen Nehedar presents a selection of piyutim and songs from the illustrious musical tradition of the Jews of Iran, which she has documented and preserved in recent years.

Nehedar has accumulated piyutim in Hebrew and Judeo-Persian, songs from different parts of Iran, engagement and wedding songs, lullabies, and harvest songs: a trove of ancient tradition of rare beauty that is quickly disappearing. Alongside these piyyutim and songs Nehedar will perform new works that she has composed using ancient Persian classical scales, with lyrics by great Jewish poets of the Golden Age and texts from the siddur.

Recently Nehedar was included in a list of artists prepared by the BBC for a world music album it is producing, which will include a Persian folk lullaby that she performs. Her original melody for a prayer for peace from the Yom Kippur prayers (it is included in the piyyut album “Yehuda Halevy Corner of Ibn Gabirol”) was recently included in a Norwegian album marking the centenary of the Nobel prize for peace.

Maureen Nehedar, vocals, musical direction, Persian sitar and acoustic guitar, Drums

Sefi Asfouri, Persian tar, oud and violin