Neta Elkayam | Howa Jani

SONY DSCThey’re knowledge of Moroccan music comes from childhood, their homes, celebratory occasions and family.

With one foot in the past, and all the while continuing to deepen their understanding the music, the group sought to revive Moroccan music at exactly the point at which it was halted. However, they also sought to remain true to themselves and write new arrangements for material that is relevant to today.

Thus, the “Howa Jani” performance was born. The show is based on new arrangements of Moroccan songs, with an emphasis on the Jews of Morocco, and includes also original pieces.

Among all the performances and projects that the group has been involved in, it was asked to spearhead the campaign for the 2012 Human Rights March and “Libi Ba’Mizrah” festival in Tel Aviv, the “Musrara Mix” festival in Jerusalem and was the leading performance in the 2013 “Festival Ba’Bait”, part of Jerusalem’s cultural series. Recently they were invited to perform at the “Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques” in Morocco.

Featuring: Amit Hai Cohen, Elad Levi, Shiko Bahar, Meir Amar and Netanel Ben Shitrit