Noam David

Noam David3_cmyk

The band is a product of Noam David’s original composition.

The Project’s name is ” The Letters Project” which enables the bridge between letters (gematria) and musical notes (numbers).

Noam David plays the expression of the letters, the vibrational experience through different patterns from the world of poly rhythms and the spiritual melodic world.

Noam David met Omri Mor (Pianist and Composer) around 13 years ago through Arnie Lawrence RIP.

During this period they played together with Avishai Cohen, mostly in Jerusalem. In the last few years, Noam met Avri Borchov (Bassist) and they connected through the music.

The band exists for two years and the first Album is on the way out.


Noam David- Drums

Omri Mor- piano

Avri Borochov- Bass