Ofri Nehemya Quartet

 ofri nehemiaDrummer Ofri Nehemya (19), is playing the drums since he was very young. During high school (ThelmaYellinHigh School for arts) he has already played with many of the leading Israeli jazz musicians in the country.

At these days, Ofri is a part of the world wide known bass player’s band – Avishai Cohen, and plays with him all over the world.

Ofri started to write original material while he was studying in high school, and just lately, this material became a full repertoire for a quartet. The quartet started it’s way more than a year ago, plays Ofri’s original music and shapes it’s own sound.

Drums: Ofri Nehemya

Guitar: Shachar Elnatan

Piano: Gadi Lehavi

Double Bass: Tal Mashiach