Piece makers

Piece makers

Piece Makers, a group of 3 Arabian musicians from Issawiya-east Jerusalem, and 3 musicians from the Sharon district.  The group performs original music and compositions of the musician Haya Samir in English, Arabic and Hebrew.

Haya Samir is the doughter of Nabih Sarhan, a special humanist poet, and comes from an artist Egyptian family that moved to Israel in the late sixties.

Her special family story revealed in the press when Haya and her father met the Egyptian president Anuar Esadat, when he arrived Israel to sign the peace agreement.

Haya Samir’s mixed identity reflectes in her creations and music style, inspiring some of the best local Israeli musicians.

Haya Samir preformed her music with maestro Zubin Mehta. They will perform together again during 2014, exposing her new pieces.

The Piece Makers will perform in the international Oud festival in Jerusalem this year, along with their exposure in the international Israeli Showcase of Jazz and world music.