TATRAN Wide by Oded Natan

Three young musicians, three worlds combined in a fascinating original instrumental music ensemble. Offir Benjaminov (Bass), Tamuz Dekel (Guitar) and Dan Mayo (Drums), in their early twenties, come from diverse backgrounds and form together a new musical entity. A rich and crystallized mix crossing through modern jazz, rock, classical, folk, avant-garde and electronica. Tatran presents gripping melodic compositions with a unique approach to sound. Mesmerizing grooves, virtuoso performance and complex meticulous arrangements alongside sections of boundless dynamic improvisation, showcasing a deep telepathic communication on stage.

Since forming the band in 2011, Tatran toured extensively throughout the country and has played some of the biggest music festivals in Israel (such as InDNegev 2012 and 2013, Ya’arot Menashe, the Red Sea Jazz Festival and more), gaining a large enthusiastic audience marking them as a promising, growing phenomena in the Israeli music scene. Recently they finished the recording of their debut album, to be released soon.

Tamuz Dekel – Guitar
Offir Benjaminov – Bass
Dan Mayo – Drums

 “It is not obvious that an instrumental trio could gain such a large audience. Tatran is a phenomenon. Music for the head, the guts, the heart and the feet. The crowd responds accordingly. Fascinated. Responding with enthusiastic screams to every nuance, wrapped in the deep spaces of sound.” (City Mouse)

“It could easily be said that they are three young virtuosos, skillfully combining post-rock, fusion, electronica, prog and psychedelic, while the musical abundance does not onerous. Tatran are making music from the future.” (Walla!)

Three young guys: guitar, bass and drums. Brilliant instrumentals, and who needs a singer when the playing is so wonderful. Like rich film music, soundtracks to movies that haven’t been made, while comforting melodies are poured into the musical production. The guitarist is brilliant, the drummer is a virtuoso and they already have a warm audience and enthusiastic fans, and rightfully so. Tremendous talent”.  (Habama)

“Even in the alternative scene, there are those who take it to the next level. Tatran are playing music that can’t be put in one genre or another, combining styles and testing the boundaries of the human ear. With noticeable influences of progressive rock, but with a new, challenging and fascinating approach. A virtuosic level of playing, combined with the sharpness and intensity of the group, produce something that everyone should really, but really, check out.” (City Mouse)