The Alaev family

alayev family - aliza ashkenazi hayunThe Alaev family -one of the most energetic musical outfits around, a virtual percussion-plus-much-more extravaganza .

The Alaev family together with the talented musical producer Tamir Muskat ( Balkan Beat Box), added beats to traditional songs from Tajikistan (Central Asia), transforming them into world beat hits with the energy of Gypsy music.

Allo Alaev-  81 year old, has deep roots in the music of Tajikistan and the Jewish music of Bukhara, as a great master of percussion, took up the Doyra

(a frame drum with metal rings inside), at an early age. He made rapid progress and was soon appointed the first percussionist of the folk Opera Company of the Tajikistan capital Dushanbe where he toured and performed for 50 years.

Allo Alaev composes pieces for percussion, manages playing on up to 9 drums at the time and has forwarded this dance- percussion virtuosity to his children and grand children.

The entire Alaev family immigrated to Israel in 1991. Allo accomplished to continue the tradition in the family and has made this ensemble well known to all Israeli families, by numerous TV programs– host shows and continuous concerts in Israel and abroad.

This family of great musicians is full of members who have been brought up on the stage basically from the moment they have been weaned from diapers. On stage, you will see three generations playing together, with the precision, coordination and joy that can only come from the centrality of music in their individual and familial lives.

The complete album was released in Israel July 2011 with headline appearances in all national media and amazing critics.

Since 2011 till now The Alaev’s have toured USA, Australia and Europe. They are headliners in many prestigious festivals  ( WOMAD UK, PALEO, ROSKILDE, OUTOFDOORS, POHODA, KRAKOW, BabelMed Music  to name a few)  and creating a groovy buzz also in the hottest music clubs.

Currently a documentary film about the Alaev Family  “ The Kingdom of Papa Alaev”  is in production and expected to be ready by 2014.


The  ALAEV FAMILY  plays  :

Vocals, Doyra – Bukharian Frame Drums,  Percussion, Drums ,

Turkish Clarinet , Accordion, Kanun, Violin ,Clarinet, Bass Guitar




“The Alaev Family are first class…A wonderful exuberant sound , with lots of beautiful clear microtonal, polyphonic call and response singing soaring over driving polyrhythms  which strongly suggest you party.”

 Elizabeth Kinder Froots Aug 2012 


“This is a distinctive debut disc. With exuberant polyrhythmic drumming and party atmosphere.

Simon Broughton SONGLINES May 2012


“Une pulsation profonde sur des arrangements d’une finesse de sie. Ce n’est pas une fusion. Mais l’universel de la danse.

Le Temps Switzerland 18/7 2012



Rated with 5 * in PNAI PLUS

“ Music in the most natural and authentic way. The participation of the audience and artists  creates  one great  experience “

“Guy Hagag “ Oneg


“A unique phenomena on the local scene – All temperament and energy. An extremely powerful panoply of rhythm.. tribal .. authentic… alongside beautiful traditional vocals.“

Amos Oren