Yinon Muallem & Rast Ensemble

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“Yinon Muallem, build bridges on stormy water. His music connect with love between the cultures of the Mediterranean”   

Ronny Someck, Poet, 2012

In the hands of Rast Ensemble, famous Jewish melody Hava Nagila turns into “Hava Nargila” played in Turkish Gypsy music style; Klezmer music meets – Köçekçe – a dance from the Ottoman Empire times; a traditional Jewish wedding dance melody spiced with Arabic/Turkish flavor and more…


Yinon Muallem:Percussion, Vocal

Yaniv Raba:Ud

Harel Shachal: Clarinet

İdan Armony: Guitars

Asaf Rabi: Bass Guita


“It was surprising to hear this Amazing fusion of Klezmer and Ottoman music within the frame of one Piece.”

 April 2004, “Songlines” Magazine

“Yinon Muallem is one of the most impressive musician I ever met. His music embodies all that can be good about Israeli-Turkish relations.”

Benny Ziffer , “Haaretz”  31.08.2012


“Yinon Muallem’s 3rd album “The Way It Is” is one of the best world music albums I ever heard from an Israeli musician!”

Yossi Harsonski “Maariv”, July 2008


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