“…The Ultimate Party Starters…” (Q Magazine)

3421 is a live dubstep, bass and glitch duo based in Haifa. The band use an acoustic drum set, 3 synthesizers and vocals to create the sound and flow of a DJ set. Their tunes are played tightly and mixed throughout the show, preserving the energy of a live performance. No computers or loops are used, just the fusion of skills and instruments. Hence being in the core of the local underground scene for the past 8 years, they combine a vast mix of electronic genres – dub, dubstep, electro, hip hop, glitch, heavy bass, breaks and jungle. They have toured Israel backing big names such as Hudson Mohawke, AC Slater, Jakes, Jazzsteppa, Cotti and Sluggabed. Having already toured abroad in China, Switzerland and Germany, this summer marked their fourth European tour. They teamed up with the upbeat Miss Red who’s a singer, writer and an MC. Besides this collaboration, she’s joined forces with The Bug (Ninja Tune) & Easy Rider Sound. She’s conquered stages such as Dour Festival, Park Life, Sonic Acts, Elevate, to name a few.

The three appeared in major festivals such as Glastonbury, Fusion, United Islands and Breminale. Their EP featuring Miss Red, “Fat Plate” will be released in fall 2013.


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