Collaboration of the two musicians combine acoustic and electronic elements to create improvised music in real time.

Hod Moshonov (keyboards, Kyetar and voices) and Amir Bresler (drums and loops) are two diverse musicians, they first met in “Thelma Yelin” High School for the Arts.

Been initially they often played together, and alongside well-known artists. Last year they do their cooperation, expressing a new language they have created together over the years.

Hod Mosohonov considered one of the most respected musicians Israeli music scene. He has collaborated with artists including Yossi Fine, Eli Degibri , Avishai Cohen , Poogie Bell , Assaf Amdurskey , Avi Libovtz, Laroz, Assaf amdursky , Rea Mociach Shlomo Gronich, Marina Maximilian Blumin, Tziforlh, Carolina, Efraim Shamir, Riff Cohen, Terri Lyne Carrington, Joel Frahm, Ravid Kahalani, Maor Cohen, Matti Caspi, Rmziillach and more.

Amir Bresler played around the world with bassist, singer and composer Avishai Cohen is considered one of the world’s top musicians. He also appears alongside artists such as Shai Maestro, Nitai Hershkowitz, Daniel Zamir, Gilead Hekselman, Shem-Tov Levi, Shlomo Ydov, Efraim Shamir, Alon Olearchick and Shlomo Gronich.

When the two friends joined the army as “outstanding players”, they worked together in the recording studio, where they were exposed to the world the wonderful and innovative electronic music and non-limited possibilities it offers creation.

BEMET’s musical style is very dynamic,

They sought to combine electronic sound, improvised music influenced by rock, jazz, experimental and psychedelia.

Together they developed a language based primarily on rhythms, melodies and harmonies are open, and sense of humor.

They combine their personal interpretation and thus form a statement honest and touching and true modern musical.

Composition to date has collaborated with Laroz, MC REBEL SUN and Ruslan Sirota.

Bemet got excited reviews on Midnight East Magazine and Ynet .

Live performances of the ensemble varied, unpredictable and leave the audience with a powerful experience.