Hayelala (The Howl) is a band of seven Israeli musicians who play original, contemporary, global, and astral folk music. Coming from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, the group members carry within them and express a multitude of musical influences, including sounds from the Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, American blues and soul, and even some rock music.

Through excellent musicianship and tight performance, Hayelala members create delightful and enchanting songs with fascinating lyrics that tell stories of the heart, magical fairytales, and tales of adventure – both inner and external.

Hayelala was formed in early 2012 and is presently touring Israel. In May 2013, it produced and released a 5-track EP, recorded at a studio in northern Israel.

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Band members

Nitai Kallay               –  Lead vocal, guitars, lyrics
Soof Nikritin            – Double Bass, Bass guitar
Yuval Kaufmann     – Drums
Nur Bar Goren        – Percussion
Ori Ehrman              – Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Yuval Maayan         – Electric Guitar
Daniel Hoffman     – Violin