Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat

maya blezitzman - shalev man

The rising Israeli Cellist and singer, Maya Belzitsman, is becoming more and more popular. Mastering this classical instrument since the age of seven, Maya’s career is flourishing as she collaborates with many artists in the Israeli popular music scene including Yoni Bloch, Knesiyat HaSekhhel, David Broza, Mosh Ben Ari, Dani Sanderson, Nurit Galron, Ninet Tayeb, Rockfour, Efrat Gosh, Sheila Ferber and Miri Mesika.

Together with drummer Matan Efrat in a minimalist duo they create a most intriguing musical discourse incorporating Maya’s vocal talent. This is a personal and eclectic journey through favorite tunes from Israeli rock and original material to jazz and rock ‘n’ roll classics, skillfully arranged with imagination and panache.

Maya Belsitzman, Cello & Vocals
Matan Ephrat, Drums &Vocals


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