Russo & Weinberg

R&W photo by Sigal MizrahiErez Russo(music producer, singer, songwriter, lead guitar and guitarist of Israeli rock band “Giraffot”) and Adi Weinberg (singer and songwriter) are the two beautiful souls that make up the Israeli musical duo “Russo and Weinberg”.


They began to collaborate on music and lyrics three years ago and have been performing live for over a year. Their performances have been in Israeli music festivals, fashions shows (CASTRO, LeeCooper), bars and clubs. Their acoustic live shows have been a huge hit among the Israeli audience. It has been noted to be intimate, inspiring and interactive. They have a wonderful vocal harmony that is entrancing and they really capture the audience’s attention.
Their upcoming debut album has been a work in progress over the past two years. Recording in a small studio in downtown Tel Aviv, the two have put together beautiful music from previous songs written by Erez Russo and new songs inspired by their work together. Their music is a hint of country, polka & grassroots. Being in the discovery stages of their musical inspiration, the two are not committed to stick to a certain genre but allow the music to guide them.
Their first single “All This Love” was released on February 2013 and has been on constant major Israeli radio stations playlists.

Their music has been used on several television commercial campaigns for Castro (major Israel fashion brand) featuring international model Gal Gadot.

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