Tzvika Force

Tvzika Force - Photo by Alexander KinikWith two successful singles, appearances on numerous stages
and in music festivals in Israel and a loyal audience that is growing all the time,
Tzvika Force returns to the stage with a new show, accompanied by a new band
after releasing his debut E.P “Petite Nature” produced by Ben Spector.

Force’s music combines his piano melodies with Ben Spector’s electronic production to
create Alt.Pop/Rock Cabaret Contemporary music.
His penetrating deep voice is often compared to Rufus Wainwright and Tom Waits.
This unique entry on the Israeli music landscape have won great publicity and reviews
on the music sections in newspapers and online in Israel and abroad and he has
announced to be the ensuring artist of the year in a well known magazine.
Tzvika Force started out in 2008, playing the piano on an EP he recorded at home and
uploaded to the Internet. Interest in the young artist got him invited to sing on radio
stations (88fm, Kol-Hacampus) and perform in music festivals (Tel Aviv Music Festival, Indie-
Negev, Menashe Forest Festival and Haifolk).

In 2009, he joined the producer Daniel Roth and together built the eight-member Marching
Band, which led to a successful tour across Israel. The shows swept up new fans and
aroused the curiosity of industry professionals, including journalists, bloggers and radio
In 2011 he returned to solo piano performances and began the process of writing and
searching for new directions and styles for his debut EP, enlisting the lauded producer Ben
Spector in the effort.

After a year-and-a-half-long process writing and recording with Spector, his debut EP “Petite
Nature” came out in April 2013. It’s two singles and videos, “Accident” and “For Breaking My
Heart,” were well-received by national radio stations, critics, and audiences.
In May 2013 Force performed with a new band in a festive and publicized launch show at
Tmuna Theater, and has already has been invited to perform at top venues around the
country and in music festivals planned this summer.

“In recent weeks repeatedly the name of one musician among Israeli alternative music lovers, especially in social networks. Called Tzvika Force, singer pianist 27 years old recently issued his first mini-album. He shows great talent for writing, playing the piano and singing in English (without an Israeli accent at all), bringing a musical fusion to the audience – a kind of dramatic electronics combined with dark rock ballads and powerful piano” Or Barnea, Ynet.

“Listen, you should hear the new Tzvika Force E.P. Wonderful thing happens in it” Guy Hajaj, Oneg Shabat

“The first album of Tzvika Force has been blackmailing plaudits, not to remain indie Diamond for only those in the know” Elad Bilu, Time Out

“Tzvika Force was able to record a full album, but decided not to. Why only five songs E.P is not clear, but if he planned to present himself in a very calculated 20 minutes, not a second more, then he succeeded” Erez Lutringer, Musica Neto