Barak Weiss

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Over the last few years, Israel has witnessed the establishing of a new exporting sector – the jazz and worldwide music.

ברק וייס לאתר

The Israeli worldwide music scene is one of the richest and most dynamic in the world, largely owing to Israel’s multi-ethnic society.
Israeli jazz is quickly gaining recognition as one of the strongest jazz scenes worldwide, with some of the richest sources of innovative musical concepts and with many Israeli jazz musicians currently working in the international jazz industry.

We are delighted to welcome you, distinguished guests and key industry members of international jazz and worldwide music scene from Asia, America and Europe, to our event.

We invite you to a first-rate introduction to the vibrant jazz and world music scenes of Israel, and hope that tonight’s event and the other events in our showcase will generate international dialogue around the Israeli jazz and world music scenes and inspire a new audience of enthusiasts. It is our hope that International Exposure will become an annual event for festival directors, artistic directors, producers and journalists who are interested in exposing their home audiences to the richness and artistic creativity of the Israeli jazz and world music scenes.

We wish you enjoyable and electrifying concerts.

Barak Weiss
Artistic Director and co-founder, Jazz&World music, International Music Showcase Israel
Artistic Director, Tel Aviv Jazz Festival