Laurent Laffargue

laurent laffarguePLATINUM RECORDS – France

(Les disques Alienor)

Platinum was born in 1996 alongside the development of the new French electro scene. Instead of following the trend mostly focused on the club, Platinum stands out from the crowd because of more experimental releases, between electronic tweaking, sound collages and 80’ electro revival with a rock sensibility.

With French emblematic artists like Bosco, Curtis and then Rubin Steiner and Bikini Machine, the label has earned international respect and recognition. This is why international artists approach the label in order to be produced: Powersolo (Dan), The Pack AD (Can), Lateef (US), Lars & The Hands Of Light (Dan). Links with Hip-Hop have grown up over the years and the label roster now includes artists like Champagne Champagne (US) and CR Avery (CAN).

Nowadays, Platinum still defines its own path somewhere between rock, Hip-Hop and electro, and even if its reputation is definitely established, the passion that is driving the label is as strong as the beginning.