AndraLaMoussia | Music from the streets of Jerusalem

AndraLaMoussia - dana goshenDuring a short stroll through a street in Jerusalem you hear singing from synagogues, Turkish pop music blaring at a music shop, traditional maqamat sung at mosques and klezmer clarinet. All these and more find their way into AndraLaMoussia’s fun and unique music.

Ittai Binnun: Wind instruments (clarinet, ney, saxophones), saz.

Boaz Reinsreiber: Electric Guitar

Victor Ezus: Bass guitar

 Moshe Nuri: Percussion (darbukah, frame drums)

Uriel Sverdin: Drums, cajon Daniel Hoffman – Violin


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“An Ensemble of musicians with rare stylistic flexibility, exhilarating and amazing. …..

Excellent album” (Asher Kesher, Yediot Tel – Aviv 28.5.2010)