Oren Barzilay

oren brazilaiAt the age of 17 Oren formed the Punk Rock band “Dr. Kasper’s Rabbit Show” which became an instant success selling gold records.

“Sorrow Demons, Joy Blizzards” was Oren’s first solo album,  White Lies”, Oren’s second solo album, was written mostly while being already inside the Studio.

Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box) who produced the album, wanted to tailor a special sound for Oren, a sound that he could create life on stage – even if he chooses to do it alone.

Oren went all the way back to his Daft-Jam work in NYC, re-connected to the Hip-hop beats he had left behind to create an interesting mix of Electronic sounds, Hip-hop roots and a melodramatic rock attitude – allowing a first peak into the new musical character, which Oren himself is still molding.


Contact: Rafi.l@hfmusic.co.il