Igor Krutogolov’s Karate Band – The Toy Orchestra

igortoyorch_daniel-tchetchikA new project from Igor Krutogolov, composer and multidisciplinary artist, founder of Kruzenshtern & Parohod, a Israeli Art Punk outfit that released five albums and is critically acclaimed around the world, and a member in a great number of challenging music projects from around the musical genres.

Igor Krutogolov’s Karate Band combines the two aspects of the word PLAY – playing (instruments) and playing (toys).

The Karate band musicians play only on Toy instruments.

the ensemble arsenal includes toy clarinets, drum set for the tender age, plastic toy guitars and more, but the music itself is far from being child’s play: It’s a complex, weird and quirky combination, meticulous to the last note, that jumps from Rock, Folk, Tango, Country, Jazz and even Metal…


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