L.B.T Youtube Cover PhotoThe ensemble L.B.T ( Live Beat Tapes) works in a new concept for the creation and consumption of music.

The band members come from a variety of musical backgrounds, covering Neo-Soul, Progressive Hip Hop, Afro Music, and more…

The original material is released in episodes of consecutive beats in a format similar to a Mixtape.

The workflow is horizontal- every member of the ensemble plays on all of the tunes in one overdub session.

The quick transitions between the tunes leave the listener in a constant feel of “on the edge”.

Their debut album will be released early 2015



Amir Bresler – Drums| Beno Hendler – Bass| Nomok – Keyboards| KerenDun – Vocals & Saxophone| Rejoicer – Keyboards| Asaf Shay – Sound| Rebel Sun – Vocals| Tamuz Dekel – Guitar| Yudko – Saxophone & Electronics| DJ Mesh – Turntable| Echo – Vocals| Mo Rayon – Vocals



Contact: Yona@sayhoo.com