tigris - roy hermonTigris is a band of unrestrained musicians with no boarders.
The band pulls the East and West African music into a new and surprising musical center.
Crazy grooves, special combination of instruments, addictive melodies, and the virtuosity of each band member – puts Tigris in a new territory on the original African music map that covers the world.

Tigris’s music is described by a psychedelic sound, traditional and modern feel, and the different musical
background of each band member which ultimately produces the unique sound of a new tribe, that has just been discovered deep in the jungles of the universe.

Roy Harmon – Keyboards
Ilan Smilan – Guitar 
Amir Sadot – Bass 
Ben Aylon – Senegalese Percussion and N’goni 
Oded Aloni – African and Brazilian Percussion.


Contact: harmon413@gmail.com