Ernst Khechumov (Georgia) – Georgian National Rock Association

Ernst Khechumov

In 2007 the “Rock Music National Association” of Georgia was established and I am the Chairman of the Association till present.
Later an event-panning / promotion company “JAM Events” was established, main activities of which are event/festivals organizing, artist promotion/producing. Got annual festival and the company signed contracts and got licenses from the World’s biggest rock/metal festival – Waken Open Air (Germany) and GBOB (Global Battle of Bands), becoming the local representative of these festivals.

The company is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Acting all over the Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan) & Turkey.

The Company Offering various kind events, gigs, festivals, contests, managing & promoting bands from different countries, providing rental service.

Regarding Association, at present, it unites many famous and influential people of the South Caucasus. All the activities organized by the Association are traditionally highlighted by the nation’s leading media outlets, including TV, radio stations, print media, as well as on Internet.