Julio Gómez (Spain) – SinSal Audio in Galicia

Julio GómezJulio Gómez, 1967. Vigo (Galicia), Spain. Co-director in Sinsalaudio and Sinsal Festival. Graduate in History and sound researcher. Music journalist in my early years, very soon I changed the mass media by club culture.  Since 1994 I work as a cultural promoter collaborating with more institutions: theatres, museums, clubs, festivals, etc. From 1994 to 2006, I curated the schedule in one of the most important clubs in electronic music in Spain called Vademecum (Vigo). Earlier this century, I´ve established the music promoter Sinsalaudio and organized the Sinsal Festival. Also, I am a member of the group “escoitar.org”  that researches thesoundscape and intangible heritage