Michalis Pieris  (Cyprus) – Cultural Center of the University of Cyprus

Michalis PierisPoet, philologist, playwright and stage director Michalis Pieris has made a mark in literature and the arts in his native country, Cyprus. He has also received international recognition, particularly in Italy, France, Russia and Spain, as evidenced by the translations of his poetic oeuvre, by his participation as a featured poet in important cultural festivals, by his presence in European literary journals and anthologies, as well as by the impact of his poems, especially those that explore the poetics of cities, on younger poets and other artists and musicians.

In addition to his creative and artistic work, Michalis Pieris is also a prominent researcher of Medieval, Renaissance and contemporary Greek and European literature, a distinguished academic professor and a man of broad vision who has long earned the appreciation and affection of his students and of a large reading audience in Cyprus, in Greece and elsewhere in Europe.

An artist himself, Pieris has been the driving force behind a small but very successful cultural festival, which promotes artists from the periphery with a special focus on the traditional and contemporary music of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Today, 17 years since its establishment, the Cultural Festival of the University of Cyprus is considered internationally one of the major institutions in Cyprus offering high quality artistic events, which also promote the concept of multicultural exchange and creative communication between the peoples of the Mediterranean.

Founder of the Greek Theatrical Workshop at the University of Sydney (1979) and the Theatrical Workshop of the University of Cyprus (1997), M. Pieris has also adapted for stage and directed important works of Medieval and Renaissance Greek literature, such as the medieval Chronicle of Cyprus by Leontios Machairas and the renaissance Erotocritos by Vitzentsos Kornaros.