Takuya “Salam” Unagami (Japan) – “WOMB”

Takuya Salam UnagamiMy specialty is World Music and Electronic Music, especially Indian, Middle-Eastern, and French.

After a long culinary and musical trip around the world, Takuya came back to Tokyo and started workink for some Independent Music Labels and the public relations of the Tokyo’s biggest club “WOMB”.

At 2000 he quitted the employee job and became freelance Music Journalist.

Takuya published  4 books of his own:

  • The 1st book is “Trans World Express”, my travelogues with music and CD guide.
  • The 2nd is “Planet India”. My quest of Indian music, including Hindusthani, Carnatic classical music, Rajasthani folk, Bollywood, and Asian Massives.
  • The 3rd is “21st Century Middle-Eastern Music Journal”.
  • The 4th is “Oishii Chuto (Delicous the Middle-Eastern Cooking)”, my 1st. cooking columns & 52 recipes from Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen & Israel.

Besides writing, Takuya has a regular program of the World Music “Ongaku Yuran Hiko” on NHK FM, 4 times a month, a whole year World Music study class at Asahi Culture Centre Shinjuku and he supervises foreign movies into Japanese versions,