Mantwa Chinoamadi (South Africa) – Joy of Jazz Festival

NGI_0509.jpgMantwa Chinoamadi, now the producer of the intenationnaly acclaimed Standard Bank Joy of Jazz, has been at the helm of the T-Musicman since its initial forays into the world of live music promotion and production in 1989 when she was offered the role of Artist Liaison.

Her clients included the likes of, Jonas Gwangwa, Rebecca Malope and Brenda Fassie, all of whom placed the marketing and promotional necessities of the career in the hands of Mantwa and T.Musicman.

Her first assignment in the role as Project Manager came in the form of the country’s first democratic election processes in 1994 when T-Musicman was tasked with co-ordinating a campaign, Voter Education Rally, for the education of the masses prior to the historical democratic elections in 1994. While she has submerged herself in various business courses to gain theoretical knowledge and leverage to succeed in her new position, Mantwa’s will to succeed in her role as Project Manager took her to the far corners of the globe to gain first hand experience at delivering a world class event, concert or festival.

After the successful staging of the Voter Education Rally, Mantwa and T.Musicman began taking on auspicious events as the Joy of Jazz Festival as well as the successful Jazz by the River on the banks of the Vaal in Vereeniging.

Audience Development was Mantwa’s key role in these events and judging by the major success of these festivals, Mantwa excelled in Project Management along with her associates at T-Musicman. Jazz by the River has become one of the countries largest jazz festivals after humble beginnings, and similarly the Joy of Jazz festival has become a formidable international festival since its partnership with Standard Bank 1998.

T-Musicman prides itself on soliciting workers on a proffessional level in order to assist in creating jobs as well as to encourage community development and the imparting of skills to community members. Mantwa and T.Musicman have since been successful at developing the Secunda Jazz and Cultural Festival, the Tikwe Festival in the Free State, Mapungubwe Jazz Festival in Limpopo and most recently the Macfest in Mpumalanga.

These are highlights of Mantwa’s role and responsibilities at T.Musicman, a company that prides itself on having a holistic approach and presence in the local business fraternity through its on-going social initiatives that actively seeks to empower previously disadvantaged communities across the country.

Mantwa’s drive and determination to succeed and empower herself has given her the momentum she has gained to rise to the apex of the T.Musicman hierarchy.

Mantwa maintains a hands-on approach even in her current role as General Manager at T.Musicman and Producer of the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz . Her influence and activities permeate across all structures of the company, from the planning stages of all festivals, to overseeing designs for campaigns and making sure that festivals that T Musicman produces can bench mark with other international festivals.

Mantwa remains creatively involved with all aspects of the coordination of projects and her initial role as Artist Liaison also still forms a huge part of her responsibility.

Mantwa’s work at T.Musicman has borne much fruit and also given her the opportunity to work closely with luminaries in the music business.

Other highlights include celebrating 20 years in music with Rebecca Malope, the 32 years in music celebrations of Don Laka and the staging Abdullah Ibrahim’s first performance in the country after returning from exile.