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מגבר בס:
Peavy Mark VI Bass XP Series 400W
2X10" Peavy
2X15" Trace-Elliot

מגברי גיטרה

FENDER Hot Rod DeLuxe
Roland Jazz Chorous-120
Marshall MG100 DFX

מגבר קלידים:
Peavy KB300

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מקלדת - פסנתר חשמלי

Roland FP7

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מערכת תופים

Pearl Prestige Session Select :22", 14", 12" 10"

with Snare, Hi-Hat, Crach and Ride cymbals, 3  cymbal stands

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מערכת הגברה


Speakers system: 2X RCF 12" speakers, Crest Audio 1100 V5 amplifier ,2X JBL JRX100 15" Active sub
Mixer: Yamaha MG 166 CX
CD-R: Tascam CD-RW900SL
Microphones: 4Shure SM58, AKG D112

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